Revenue Based Parking Equipment

Whether it’s Parking Facilities, Condominiums, Commercial Office Buildings or Gated Communities, Construction Fence is committed to offering “best in class” parking equipment and access control systems. 

Vehicle parking and revenue control systems are commonly referred to with the acronym PARCS. Other phrases used to describe these systems are vehicle access control and access revenue control. Construction Fence does not contribute to the actual parking lot or building installation. However, we do participate in design, specification and installation of the control devices used to effectively manage the day-to-day and ongoing operation of these systems.

These controls help manage access into and out of a parking facility. The facility may or may not include revenue control, have the ability to collect parking fees at the time of park, or to tally the dates and times of access and egress.

For example, tenants, members or visitors may be limited by a gated community, apartment complex, golf course, commercial building, business park, etc., but parking fees may not be collected. Visitors can access a resident or security guard through closed-circuit telephone (and/or video) communications. On the other hand a municipal parking garage, hospital parking garage, etc. may collect fees from visitors, but still allow access to non-paying, permitted vehicles (doctors, staff, municipal workers, VIPs, etc.).

Some users pay on a daily or hourly basis which is classified as short term users. Others use permits or credentials to allow access on a regular, or long term basis (i.e. for one month or as long as employed, while a resident, for a school session, etc.).

Vehicle Access Control System Components
Vehicle access control systems are generally composed of many parts which may or may not include: gate operators and barriers to control access to the facility; ticket spitters which dispense a time stamped ticket; payment terminals, cashier booths, pay-on-foot (automated pay) stations; keypads and card readers; telephone entry systems, intercoms and video systems; validation systems, vehicle detector loops, as well as bollards to protect sensitive and expensive equipment.

Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems
Construction Fence sells and installs Automatic Vehicle Identification systems (AVI) which include hands free windshield and license plate tags which are in actuality an electronic permit. These tags identify vehicles authorized to access the facility on a regular and/or scheduled basis. The technology is based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). A vehicle’s tag may be authorized for 24/7 access or limited to a schedule. The vehicle is granted access when the tag is read and access is allowed at that time. A log of entries and exits may be kept in a computer data base. Proximity cards or magnetic strip cards can likewise be used.

Vehicle Guidance Systems
Another modern enhancement is vehicle guidance systems which can supply drivers with various types of information within the parking area. These guidance systems can help find available spaces (i.e. colored lights indicating availability, handicap parking, etc.) as well as to guide them to their vehicles for exiting. Lighting sensors, message and direction signs can speed search time. Traffic can also be monitored through vehicle detector loops, loop counting systems and infrared counting systems
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