Event Fence Rentals

When it comes to good crowd control, temporary fencing is often the first option. Either organizing an outdoor festival, running event, or even a parade route; safety needs to be kept fast and efficiently. It is possible to use appropriate fencing to keep visitors out of restricted areas or even guide them to preferred locations. At Construction Fence we offer a variety of different fencing options that come in different heights and widths.

Temporary fencing is often required to control crowds or to restrict access within a specific area. Whether you need a work site secured or you’re on a tight schedule to prepare for an upcoming event in San Diego, you can always count on Construction Fence to carefully install our finely crafted fencing. Our trained sales staff can help you select the perfect solution for your needs, while our installation crews can work quickly to properly put your temporary fencing in place. A few important factors set us apart from other temporary fencing installers in San Diego CA. Our advantages include:
  • The variety of fencing that we offer – We proudly provide many types of fence rental options, including fence panels and temporary barricades. We also offer chain-link fencing that can be customized to suit your specific needs, with options including different gauges, coatings, and accessories like top rails, wind screens, and barbed wire.
  • A history of success – We have been in the fencing business since 1984. In the course of those years, we have provided event fencing solutions for festivals, races, and parades, as well as temporary construction fence systems, you can feel confident when you turn to our experts for assistance. 
  • Our dedication to service – We understand that our clients often need their temporary fencing installed on a strict schedule, so we do all that we can to meet demanding deadlines. If you absolutely must have your fence in place before your event begins or before you can start construction, you can always rely on Construction Fence.
To learn more about the temporary fencing options that we offer and the expert installation that we provide, contact Construction Fence today. We are pleased to serve businesses and organizations in San Diego CA.
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